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Sakal Network – Proactive IT Managed Services for Business Growth Solutions Provider

Proactive IT managed services to grow your business

The success of your business starts with finding the right IT partner. We provide the tech tools and expertise you need to build, manage, and protect your digital journey.


We plan and build the IT infrastructure you need to prepare your business for future growth. Our extensive consulting services ensure you get the foundations of your digital journey right the first time.


We manage your IT systems for you to ease the burden on your in-house team and proactively safeguard you from outages. We offer customizable support tiers to grow with your business.


We deploy state-of-the-art cybersecurity and disaster recovery solutions to keep your mission-critical apps, data, and operations safe. We take a proactive approach against cyberthreats.

Outsourced IT managed services to support support tiers 2, 3, and 4.

Our backup and disaster recovery services and expertise ensure you are always prepared for the worst. We provide both public and private cloud backup solutions, and we are authorized resellers of Veeam Backup Software and Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

Product distribution for Asia, mainly for IT and audio products.

Our cloud computing services ease your migration, reduce operational risk, and help you keep costs under control. We have partnered with leading cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, to deliver targeted expertise when you need it.

Our turnkey solution can meet your growing needs and provide you with a competitive edge online.

Automate or streamline your daily work processes using a wide range of digital technologies. We are able to deploy Power Automate and Power Apps for your organization.

This can be done through a variety of means, including SEO, social media, and email marketing. The beauty of digital marketing is that it is highly targeted and cost-effective.

Get documents signed quickly and easily, Streamline your workflows to get more done in less time.
Revolutionize the way you work with a cloud-based workspace that provides access to the tools and resources your team needs to work effectively

We provide consultation and installation services for office meeting rooms, special rooms, and theater rooms for events.

Our project management services ensure you get everything right from the outset, whether it involves optimizing your physical office space, setting up your data center, or rolling out a new addition to your software stack. 

Our managed security services leverage cutting-edge technologies, like those developed by Fortinet, Sophos, and Barracuda, to proactively protect your business from cyberattacks. Our approach includes investigation, remediation, and active threat hunting.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easier than ever to shop for whatever you need without ever leaving your home. Thanks to the wonders of ecommerce, we can now buy everything from groceries to clothes to furniture with just a few clicks of a button.

EDWs are designed to support business intelligence (BI) activities, such as data mining, market analysis, and customer segmentation. In order to be effective, an EDW must be able to handle a large volume of data and be able to support complex queries.

The world of web and mobile development is always changing. New technologies and platforms are constantly being introduced, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends.

Algo-trading, black-box trading, or robo-trading, this form of trading takes advantage of the speed and data processing capabilities of computers to trade on a variety of financial markets.

By harnessing the power of computers to learn and make decisions, ML and AI are transforming a wide range of industries, from finance to healthcare. For businesses, the opportunities are immense.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, organizations of all sizes are scrambling to keep up. Many are turning to strategic IT consultancy firms for help in redesigning their processes and systems. Strategic IT consultants work with clients to identify their specific needs and develop customized solutions

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We modernize your business processes

Our tailor-made technology solutions and personalized approach ensures you have everything you need to boost productivity and scale your operations.

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